What’s the ACT project ?

Aims of the project

-Develop volunteering projects to promote the inclusion and integration of unemployed young people at risk of exclusion or victims of discriminations and potential radicalization

– Allow these young people to get involved with newly arrived migrants and help them to integrate different cultures

– Disseminate the good practices of the project and success stories of these young people to make their experience known in their sending communities, and especially in the deprived neighbourhoods they come from.

Specific aims

– Share existing good practices related to sending and hosting volunteers to provide innovative solutions to social isolation of young people from disadvantaged areas

– Create a new training for young people so that they can work properly with newly arrived migrants or refugees

– Send 45 volunteers in projects in Greece and Italy : mixed groups of 5 from FR, BE and UK on specific projects with migrants and refugees

– Organize 9 volunteering projects at the local level – who join the group of foreign volunteers

6 partners :

Target group

  • Young people from 18 to 30 years old from Roubaix, Liverpool and Brussels living in disadvantaged areas
  • Suffering from discriminations to education and employment due to their socio-economical background
  • No diploma, skills or language level required

The project

  • Promotes youth participation, solidarity, equality, liberty, human rights, citizenship, democracy, intercultural exchanges
  • Is a innovative solution to challenges faced by different institutions regarding disadvantaged areas from the participating countries
  • Fights isolation of disadvantaged areas in the sending countries
  • Is an opportunity for disadvantaged young people to get involved, feel useful,
  • Fights against inactivity and long term unemployment
  • Meets young people and migrants allowing them to understand the reality in third countries and accept the differences of opinion, belief and different ways of life
  • Supports the volunteers to develop personally and professionally



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