Goran, ACT volunteer in Palermo, Italy

22 years old from Marquette en Ostrevant, France


“Volunteering is an incredibly rewarding human adventure. It’s another way of learning. Experiencing the difference in this way is a great opportunity”


At 30,000 feet in calm weather, the Mediterranean exudes this singular serenity that delivers a grand lesson in humility. It was at this altitude and with the distance between me and my country that I took the necessary height, in front of the beauty of the creation, to really feel for the first time all the justification of this opportunity.

Palermo is a bubbling city where people from all walks of life met. This cultural abundance offers a very stimulating environment. It’s hard to describe and you have to experiment with differents places.

The volunteering mission I did was very appealing, especially because it gave me the opportunity to work for several structures that have a purpose and a very diverse audience.

My work time has been divided between Gabbiano, a community where resident unaccompanied minors, the Centro Astalli, which offers all kinds of free services to all ages, from medical consultation to language classes, breakfast. or craft workshops, and the Giardino di Madre Teresa, a kindergarten vital for parents who benefit.

The Giardino di Madre Teresa gave me the opportunity for the first time to work with young children, something that I may never have had the opportunity to do outside

 of this context, it’s part of Unexpected enrichments before volunteering.

Working with young people in communities is not easy, it requires patience, constant energy deployment, listening skills and availability. Our presence in these centers is important, it allows to cut young people from the routine in which they are, because together we can discuss topics that they cannot approach with educators.

That is why I will always advise all those who are tempted to have a mobility experience; because you learn as much about yourself as about your environment.

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