Jade, ACT volunteer in Thessaloniki, Greece

27 years old from Lille, France.


I can only advise any young person to go and do a volunteer. It is a way of making oneself useful, of discovering more about a cause that touches us, while developing personally and professionally”


Having volunteered in the past and having experience as an employee in the Social and Solidarity Economy, it is natural that I have gone to the ACT project. I wanted to know more about what refugees are going through, be useful and maybe create my own association.

During my 6 months of experience in Thessaloniki, I was able to work in several structures, shelters for refugee minors and day care centers.

Day-care centers are structures that offer several services to refugee populations: food, showers, washing machines, English or Greek classes, etc. In both centers where I was able to intervene, I took care of donations of clothes and unfortunately, there is not enough for everyone. This made me organize a small collect with my roommates.

Subsequently, I gave French lessons in two homes for refugee minors. We must know how to adapt to the different levels of adolescents, some of them having never been to school and others, on the contrary, assimilating very quickly each lesson.

We also organized some multicultural events, to raise the awareness of the Greek population to the cause of the refugees.

The majority of the refugees I met came from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kurdistan and Pakistan. Have exchanged with them, meet them and know their history, it was something more enriching for us, than what we may have brought them.

I hope that in these 6 months, I was able to make a small contribution, and it is especially me that comes out grown, and the people that I could cross taught me to remember the essential.

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