Nella, ACT volunteer in Kalamata, Greece

20 years old from Anzin, France


 “Going for a mobility project can only be beneficial. You will become better by achieving your personal goals, while implementing the best of yourself in a pleasant, positive, hopeful and cheerful dynamic”


Becoming a citizen of the world was my primary motivation. That’s what made me want to go with ADICE. So I did short-term volunteering for the ACT project; direction Kalamata, Greece.

Welcomed by the organization K.A.N.E, our primary goal was to raise awareness among all audiences about the case of migrants and refugees in Greece. To achieve this, our team full of determination, has set up some local events, like a collection of clothing or fun activities offered at the park.

Before interacting with the public, we did a great background work: writing articles about the cause we are defending. This documentation enabled me to become aware of the number of refugees and migrants.

Understanding this problem in order to get closer to the human being has been essential in this ACT project, it has directly impacted positively on my goals of departure, including the taking of initiatives, the organization of projects and events, the work group, and the linguistic side.

I observed, heard, analysed, appreciated, loved and shared during this project, and this unique experience will remind me the best of myself.

Merci à l’ADICE !

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