The training

The partnership has created a training dedicated to volunteers working with migrants and refugees. This training has been developed by all, and has been tested during pilot sessions with volunteers going in Greece and Italy, in ADICE, Dynamo and Merseyside Expanding Horizons.

The manual is essentially divided into 2 main parts, the first part starts with an introduction to the ACT Project, the partnership and the Erasmus + Programme, followed by a short introduction to the non-formal education.

The second part of the training manual is constituted by four chapters:

Chapter 1: Refugees in Europe

Chapter 2: Fundamental rights for migrants

Chapter 3: Intercultural communication

Chapter 4: Situation in Greece and in Italy

The first three chapters are designed for a pre-departure training, while the last chapter, regarding migrants and refugees’ situations in Greece and in Italy, are intended to be used during the on-arrival training.

Each chapter starts with a short introduction to the topic and the learning objectives of the chapter. The introduction is followed by data and informative text on the topic, together with theoretical approaches and educational forms detailing duration, size of the groups, and methodology of the activities suggested, which are suitable for both groups and individuals. Each chapter ends with the useful sources and links.

Please download it here:


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